my story

Welcome to my website , I am the Author and Creator of the Internet Marketing Training Course INTERNET PROFIT BOOTCAMP

I was Born in Baghdad 1977. at age of 18 I moved with my family to Live in New Zealand. Moving to a new country was a big challenge in my life especialy when my family decided to go back and let me stay here to finish my study. By age 24 I got my Computer Science Degree from Auckland University. Now I live in Auckland and I work from wherever there is an Internet Connection!!

During my study years and while working several casual jobs including delivering Pizza, I was not happy with my paycheck not because it was not enough pay but also it was taken my whole time, also I was not impress about the idea of getting real job after university and spending the rest of my life working to make someone else rich ( I learned this after reading the classic book “Rich dad Poor Dad” by Robert kiyosaki). I have learned three things from this book:

  • First we should not only depend on our Government or our saving to earn money but we must LEARN how to MAKE Money.
  • Second we must not go to work for the reason only to earn money but we should go to work for SATISFACTION.
  • Third why we spend long time working to build someone’s else business which we will never own in future.

Basically everyone of us must seriously start to think of transforming our hard working earned money into a Passive Income an income that will pay us on a Residual Basis no matter if we go to work or not.

I realized that the plan of depending on finding a real Job after university to secure my financial future is no longer a secure plan, so I started looking for an alternative way . in year 2002 I bumped into a scheme called Network Marketing or MLM, But because that time I didn’t have enough money to start my own business I decided to give the MLM industry a try.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that pie in sky. I got rejected hundreds of times and I wasn’t enjoy doing it. I kept struggling for 6 years trying to build my down line, jumping from one network marketing company to another, spending lots of money on advertising and buying leads. not to mention spending lots of my free weekend on this business caused me to lose my friends, which was not a happy experience.

My life was just like that making money jumping from one business to another and working alone until Nov 2007 when I was fortunate enough to meet my current mentor and coach thru YouTube video site. He showed me how to build not just a network marketing business but also any business online . what I liked about his technique that it does not required me to spend lots of money on advertising or hunting for people to buy.

The best part in my online business it has become almost automated that I am now enjoying my weekdays and weekend, having lots of free time to spend with relatives and friends.

Today, I no longer need to worry about buying leads or chasing people, I have learned the “Marketing Funnel System” that’s help me to generate any leads to any marketing niche whether this market is for MLM or for marketing ClickBank or other affiliate products and I am using this system today for branding any business online.

Apart from making money online and helping others to be successful, I have passion in health and fitness, I exercise 5-6 times a week and I enjoy attending Spin class. I also love traveling and the freedom of my online work made me able to travel anytime anywhere without need to ask for a Holiday permission, I was able to visit these places such as L.A, Denver, London, Dubai and Amman…and now I am looking forward to go for a long trip around the World with my family.

Today, I consider our generation is lucky enough to leverage the power of internet , every one in this planet can use the internet to generate a Passive Income. And the best part it does not required to spend fortune to start however it will be VERY DIFFICULT if you DON’T know how to DO IT RIGHT and if you DO IT ALONE that’s why I created this free training Boot camp to help and at same time to meet new people who are willing to partner and work together to make it happen to all of us.

If you would like to learn how YOU can generate free leads bringing Traffic and sales to YOURS/AFFILIATE websites then subscribe to my Free training bootcamp using the short form available on the upper right of this page.